Insufficient or uneven hoof wear, as well as overloading of individual hooves, result in pain and can reduce the performance of a livestock animal. It is not uncommon for diseases such as Mortellaro, sole ulcers, sole hemorrhages, etc. to be caused through this process.

Only regular, professional care of the cattle hoofs of an entire herd can prevent pain and support the healing process of the cattle. After all: Only a healthy animal, is a happy animal – We understand that. 

Our specially developed hoof adhesive BLOCK BOND® helps you to carry out optimal hoof care on your livestock and, with its numerous advantages and special properties, demonstrably contributes to the success of your livestock operation. 

In our laboratory at the Greußenheim site, we develop and produce our high-quality hoof adhesive BLOCK BOND® and, with our short transport routes, ensure the constant supply of fresh products! Have a look for yourself and get in touch with us.

Extra strong

  • Balanced system:
    Extremely strong and extremely fast fixation time
  • Resistant to urine and dung
  • Particularly high strength:
    When stronger forces are applied, the woodwork piece is more likely to break than the adhesive itself!

Especially fast

  • Maximum efficient workflow in hoof care.
  • One of the fastest hoof adhesives on the market
    (after only 1-2 seconds the adhesive shows initial adhesion)
  • The processing time of approx. 10-20 or 6-10 seconds offer optimal time window to apply the wood block quickly and securely to the hoof
  • The treatment is completed after a maximum of 4 minutes or 90 seconds

Simple Application

  • Stable formulation: adhesive can be applied to inclined or vertical surfaces
  • High adhesive strength and viscoplastic consistency
  • High reliability of bonding during the curing process
  • Special cartridges and mixers:
    Complete emptying of the cartridge and mixture

Best storage conditions

  • Optimal storage at 0 °C to +23 °C
  • High storage stability: shelf life 18 months

Maximum user and cow friendliness

  • Complete absence of presumed carcinogenic ingredients
  • Patented, innovative formulation
  • Meets all stringent requirements and regulatory restrictions of the REACH regulation
  • Mandatory user training in accordance with EU Regulation 2020/1149 (“isocyanate license”) not required

Optimum processing temperature

  • Adapted to demanding working conditions: Processing at -10 °C to +30 °C
  • No summer or winter variant necessary
  • Adhesive unfolds its strength reliably